"Victory100 is the must-have Social Networking tool that every small business should have in their Digital Marketing toolbox."

Nick Nicholls - Publisher - Digital Marketing Tools iPad Magazine

Welcome to the Unified Wealth Team Victory100 Co-op Team Build! Where We Get You PAID Sign Ups in the Hottest Social Media Affiliate Marketing Program on the Planet!"

Victory100 is a state of the art social media management dashboard where you can manage all your top social media sites in one integrated site!


Then it's combined with a powerful 100% Direct Commission Affiliate Program and Our Unified Wealth Team also has organized a Team Traffic Co-op where We combine our Proven Traffic Sources and Team effort to kick start your business with Paid Sign Ups!


It's simple!  Just Join Victory100 and Subscribe to our Team Co-op and WHAM begin to have a Weekly Residual Income built for YOU and with YOU with our Team Build!


One Place To Manage Your Social Media

Post, track, and monitor your social media communications from one simple dashboard.

V-Social Takes The Hassle Out Of Social Media Management

Multi-Site Support

Our dashboard connects to all the popular social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Runs on PC & Mac

Since V-Social is web-based, it runs beautifully on both PC and Mac and is supported by all major browsers. All you need is an internet connection.

Monitor Keywords

Keep track of brand mentions across multiple social media sites, allowing you to easily respond to customer questions, say “thanks” to your brand’s biggest fans, and take care of upset customers before things escalate.

Easy to Use

We made ease of use a priority. Our dashboard is inspired by modern mobile apps. You’ll be in your dashboard every day, we think you should enjoy it.

Stay Trendy

Our hashtag engine lets you stay on top of trending topics so that you can quickly tailor your message to the latest news.

Save Money

In just a few minutes you can quickly monitor and manage your social media accounts. Quit juggling between social media accounts and focus on doing work that you love.

Social Media Jump-Start Training

New to social media? No problem.

Get setup fast on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+ with our training videos. We’ll walk you step-by-step through the process.

After watching these videos you’ll know the key differences between the three big social networks and when to use each one for maximum results.


Now with Victory100 they provide 2 Amazing Product Suites the V-Social (above) and then when you Upgrade (from your Profits) to their 2nd Product V-Success below you will get Access to their top notch Audio and Video Success Training! 

Take Your Business and Personal Life Beyond Ordinary

Just like your body needs nutritious foods and regular exercise to stay physically fit… so does your MIND. Regular success conditioning will keep you in peak mental shape, ready to take on any challenges.

V-Success is like a health club for your mind and vital to your wealth building efforts. It is designed to take your business and personal life to a new level with an ever-growing audio and video archive that will provide motivation, inspiration, leadership and success training.

Here’s What You’ll Get...

Audio & Video Training

You’ll have Access to our archive of training conferences, top-earner interviews, and weekly audio training on various subjects. This will all be archived in the member’s area so you can refer back to it at any time.

Coaching topics 

  • Sales Training

  • Leadership Training

  • Relationship Training

  • Personal Growth

  • Keys to becoming successful in business, life and relationships

  • Expanding your Business to International Markets.

NOW... Let's talk MONEY!

Grab Your Piece Of The 
$Multi-Billion$ Dollar Social Media Pie

Earn 100% Recurring Commissions to Infinity!


Unified Wealth Team & Victory100!

Step 1 - Request our Next Victory100 Co-op Team Member's Link (below) then You wll Join Victory100 at the V-Social Level = $25.00 + $19.95 Admin Fee = $44.95 (NOTE: Do NOT Upgrade to V-Success YET We will instruct you when to Upgrade and it will be when you're making $100+/mo. and You USE your Profits to UPGRADE to Quadruple your Residual Income!)


Step 2 - Subscribe to Our Paid Sign Up Co-op for just $25/mo. which generates 1-2 Paid Members into your Victory100 Business Paying you Weekly CASH & Building you a Weekly Residual Income at the Same Time!  


Step 3 - Get Instant Access to your Social Media Management Dashboard, Our Complete Marketing Training Site & Receive 2 Free Web Funnel Systems that Sells For YOU!  


Step 4 - Begin to Share our Incredible Team and this Amazing Program! We encourage our Entire Team to Share and Provide Amazing Tools, Systems and Trainings on How Easy that is and this will SKYROCKET your Weekly Cash Earnings!


Step 5 - Begin to Receive your Paid Sign Ups and Earn Cash Commissions and Begin to Build your Weekly Residual Income!


Step 6 - As you Begin to Earn more then $100 per month you Upgrade to V-Success for $100 a Month and your Income will QUADRUPLE as your Paid Members also Upgrade to V-Success!


Step 7 - Continue to Share and Help your Team and Our Team Grow and your Weekly Residual Income continues to Go Up Week after Week after Week!


Here's a Quick Snapshot of your first 90 days!


This Scenario will Project your Earnings as We Get You 2 Paid Members per Month for your first 2 Months and then Our Team will continue to then Get Your Paid Members their Paid Members and You will Receive Pass Ups!





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WATCH the LIVE VIDEO Walkthrough of the Product and our Team Build Update!

OK... So Let's ROCK! You will Get Access to the HOTTEST Social Media Management Platform and Training AND Work with our Team and We Build You a Weekly Residual Income!  That's RIGHT We PAY WEEKLY!! To Get LOCK IN All you NEED to DO is to Request our Next Victory100 Team Members Link!


To Request the Next Co-op Team Member's Victory100 Link Simply Fill Out the Form Below and Submit! 


(NOTE: Depending on when you submit it can be 12 minutes or 12 hours to Receive your LINK... Also PLEASE Check your SPAM Folder and/or your Promotion Folder if you use Gmail and Have that TAB Enabled... the SUBJECT will READ:    *IMPORTANT* HERE'S THE NEXT VICTORY100 TEAM LINK


NOW at this point you can STOP the Co-op and all of your Paid Member below you are continuing to Subscribe and Our Team is continuing to Get them Paid Sign Ups which Generates YOU Pass Ups to INFINITY! and Your Monthly Residual Income continues to Grow and Grow and Grow!


Here's just a Snapshot of Potential Residual Income Earnings Month to Month:

Any Questions? Feel Free to CALL our Toll Free 800# and One of Sales Agents will Call You Back! 1-800-407-1156 Ext. 800 - 24/7 


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With Just ONE Paid Sign Up you EARN $25 Cash and $25 a month so then it's ONLY $19.95 and by your 2nd Month you should 2-4 PAYING Members and you will be COST FREE... So it's IMPORTANT to Understand... that this becomes PURE Residual INCOME within or by your 2nd Month.... and then it Just GROWS for THERE!


Without JOINING and PAYING you EARN Nothing :-(  This is a BUSINESS... and NOT a JOB... it Takes MONEY to MAKE MONEY... BUT this is a VERY UNIQUE Business Online where Our Team Traffic Co-op and Sales Team Gets YOU PAID Members and HELPS YOU MAKE SALES and EARN Cash Commissions and a Weekly Residual Income!! The FASTER you JOIN and PAY and SEND your LINK BACK the FASTER you EARN CASH and BUILD a Weekly Residual Income !!







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